1  Q. How do we know climate change is happening?

A. The scientific consensus is the Earth's climate is unequivocally warming, and extremely likely (meaning 95% probability or higher) this is caused by humans (Wikipedia)

2  Q. What is causing climate change?

A. We are burning way too much fossil fuel.  Which is creating way too much CO2.  So our CO2 emissions are far more than can be absorbed naturally. Our CO2 has nowhere to go.  So our CO2 is just building up in the air. 

Scientists have shown a clear relationship between the amount of CO2 in the air and global warming.  So, more CO2 means more global warming, which means more climate change.

CO2 accounts for about 80% of global warming. 

A huge additional threat comes from methane.  Methane is around 25 times more damaging than CO2 because it absorbs more heat.  The biggest threat is from the Methane that exists naturally frozen solid in the permafrost in Tundra in Northern Russia and Canada.  Scientists are hugely concerned that if global warming were to go over 2C, this permafrost could start to melt and release so much methane into the air it could cause unpredictable and irreversible damage to our planet.

3  Q. Why should I care about climate change?

A. Instead of keeping global warming well below 2C, today we are on track for 3.5C, which means catastrophic climate change. This will affect EVERYONE on the planet.

To keep global warming well below 2C was agreed by 195 World Leaders meeting in Paris in December 2015, in order to avoid dangerous climate change.  1.1C of global warming has already taken place. On 8 October 2018, the UN IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a stark warning that global warming must be kept to a maximum of 1.5C. Without urgent action there is a high risk of extreme heat, drought, fires and floods, leading to crop failure, sea level rise and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. But, today we are on track for global warming of 3.5C.  President Macron of France was the first World Leader to speak out about this in December 2017.

3.5C global warming means catastrophic climate change.  Scientists predict this would mean unprecedented damage to our planet and all our futures, including:

  • Rising sea levels inundating low-lying cities
  • Floods and droughts destroying crops and livelihoods
  • Global warming turning farmland to wasteland and threatening famine
  • Millions of climate refugees
  • Conflict over resources
  • Threat to all wildlife - and the extinction of thousands of species

Higher global temperatures also increase the risk of triggering irreversible climate change, caused by the release of huge quantities of the methane which is currently frozen in permafrost in the tundra of Northern Russia and Canada. 

It’s unthinkable we allow climate change to wreck our planet.  Isn’t it?  But its touch and go.  There is still time to make a difference.  We need a new approach – which is why we set up N0CO2.


4 Q. The Government should pay for Climate Change, so why do I need to get involved?

A. We need to get involved because World Leaders have not done enough to implement the agreement they made to avoid dangerous climate change.

Meeting in Paris in December 2015, World Leaders agreed to keep global warming “well below 2oC.”  But today, over 2 years on, action by World Leaders to reduce and remove the CO2 is much less than what is required.

The shocking reality is we cannot rely on World Leaders to deliver this agreement. There’s lots of talk and lots of reports, but not enough action by World Leaders on the CRITICAL TASK – which is to reduce and remove CO2 on a large scale. Which is why we have to take action to SHOW this is what we want.  This is why our planet needs your help.

The way forward now is for those all who are concerned about climate change - like we and you – to do something about it.  By taking action to Give Back for our fossil fuels and remove our CO2, we both remove our CO2 footprint and SHOW World Leaders we want them to take action.

All we are asking is for World Leaders to deliver what they have already agreed and stop climate change.

5 Q. What if people can’t afford to remove their CO2?

A.  We make it easy for everyone to reach out to inform others about climate change and this is completely free of charge. If you are able to do this it will be a big help in spreading the message.  Maybe you know some people who might be willing to donate to Give Back for the fossil fuel they use?

To reduce your CO2 does not necessarily cost any extra – and may in fact save you money.  If you sign up and take a look at the download document, you can see how. https://donate.n0co2.org/subscribe

If we all do what we can, together we can help stop climate change.



6 Q. How do I know the trees will not die or get cut down?

A.  This is why it’s important that we work with a tree-planter who has a track record of looking after the trees.  Our tree-planter weeds the young trees until established and guards the tree plantations. 

Our tree-planter has also guaranteed to replace any trees that die before maturity.  Just in case, we have allowed an additional 20% extra trees as contingency for other eventualities.

7 Q. Is Tree Planting enough to remove all CO2?

A. “Nature-based solutions such as protecting and restoring forests can contribute over one-third of the total climate change mitigation required by 2030 to keep the temperature rise below 2C.  More decisive, collective action is now needed to seize this opportunity,” said Inger Andersen, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

8 Q. How much space is there to plant trees?

A. Scientists estimate that 500m hectares of formerly forested land could be reforested and that this could remove around 3.6 Billion Tonnes of CO2 per annum.  Source: Woods Hole Research Centre.   We estimate this 500m hectares should be sufficient to remove the UK average emissions of 7 Tonnes of CO2 per person per year from around 500m people.



9 Q. How does planting 1,750 trees remove the UK average lifetime CO2 emissions?

A. Our aim is to encourage everyone to plant sufficient trees to remove ALL their CO2 emissions EACH year.  CO2 equivalent emissions for the UK in 2017 were around 7 Tonnes CO2 per person per annum**.  1,750 trees will remove AT LEAST 7 Tonnes CO2 per person per annum.  The average person planting 1,750 trees today should remove ALL their CO2 emissions for the rest of their life! So you go Carbon Neutral for life!

OK, so how do 1,750 trees remove UK average lifetime CO2 emissions?

  • We use the very conservative figure that on average a tree on will absorb 5kg of CO2 each year.  Good news is our tree-planter has guaranteed to replace any trees that die before maturity.  Just in case, we have allowed an additional 20% extra trees as contingency for other eventualities.  So, to remove 7 Tonnes of CO2 each year, plus the 20% contingency, we need to plant 1,750 trees. 
  • We are currently planting trees in Madagascar and Indonesia, planting mainly mangroves, and also in Nepal. We have used the UN Calculator for trees growing in moist tropical areas, which shows a mature tree should absorb more than 5kg of COper annum.  Source: see Chapter 4, page 35 of http://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/public/2006gl/vol4.html
  • Some sources say trees will absorb much more than 5kg of CO2 per annum. We hope they are correct.   Trees in tropical areas grow much faster than in the UK, and mangroves may remove much more CO2 because they are more effective at absorbing CO2 into the soil.  In temperate climates, such as the UK, trees grow much more slowly, and the UN calculator shows a tree will remove only around 2kg of CO2 per annum.  
  • Our aim is to re-establish and protect healthy forests that live in perpetuity. Trees here continue growing for at least 25 years, some for much longer.  In addition, trees and mangroves also self-seed, so we can actually end up with MORE trees.  In some locations, the resulting forests contain 5-10 times the number of trees that were originally planted!
  • Going forward, the Governments are taking action so people on average will emit much less CO2, so average CO2 emissions will fall from the current level of 7 Tonnes of CO2 per person annum.  For example, the UK Govt projection for CO2e published in January 2018 shows CO2e down by around 25% by 2030 (in 12 years) and the target for 2050 (in 32 years) is lower still and ideally zero if we are to keep global warming to 1.5C maximum. 
  • We have also taken into account the average UK age and lifetime.  The result is that planting 1,750 trees should remove the UK average lifetime CO2 footprint.

** CO2e equivalent emissions for the UK in 2017 we have rounded up to 7 Tonnes of CO2 per person per annum from the 6.89 Tonnes shown in Page 4 of this report: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/695930/2017_Provisional_Emissions_statistics_2.pdf


10 Q. Why is your cost to remove 7 Tonnes of CO2 /year so low?

A. Today there is lots of land across the World that has been deforested and which can now be replanted.  Particularly in developing countries in tropical climates, the cost of the land is low, the cost of the tree-planting is low, and trees grow much faster in tropical conditions.

In the future, the cost will be much higher, as it costs around 10 times more to plant trees in the US and maybe 50 times higher in the UK.  So take advantage of planting trees now while costs are low!


11 Q.  In what countries does N0CO2 operate?

A. N0CO2 is International.  Today we can accept donations in Euros, GBP and USD.   We intend to provide our website in multiple languages and multiple countries.  If you are interested to work with us to set up N0CO2 in another country, please contact us.

7 Tonnes CO2 equivalent per person per annum was the average emissions for the UK in 2017.  CO2 emissions for other countries in 2014 were:

USA                            16 Tonnes

Germany                     9 Tonnes

France                        5 Tonnes

Australia                     15 Tonnes

World Average            5 Tonnes

Sub-Saharan Africa    0.8 Tonnes

Source: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/en.atm.co2e.pc


For average CO2 emissions for other countries, please also see this link https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/en.atm.co2e.pc




12 Q.  What about organisations that work to prevent deforestation?

A. Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years. Despite international condemnation, there is still much work to be done to stop the destruction of rainforests.  We support the efforts of organisations which seek to work with local communities to prevent deforestation.


We plant trees, because trees REMOVE CO2 from the air.  Every day we are using WAY TOO MUCH fossil fuel, which is creating MUCH MORE CO2 than can be removed naturally.  By planting additional trees on land that has been de-forested, this actually REMOVES CO2 from the air.

By encouraging all to Give Back for the fossil fuel they use, we want to show the link between the fossil fuels we use which create CO2, and planting trees which removes our CO2.  Please support us by donating to Give Back for the fossil fuel you use.

Because we plant trees in areas of extreme poverty, your donation has a much bigger impact.  Planting trees creates meaningful paid work for local villagers, which reduces extreme poverty and can transform lives by enabling their children to attend school.  Planting trees also creates healthy natural forests, which sustain animal and bird life.


13  Q. Can people go on using too much fossil fuel?

A. Many of us have become accustomed to a Western lifestyle where we use lots of fossil fuel, which emit excessive amounts of CO2.  Within the next 30-50 years, progressive implementation of solutions to climate change should mean people can have a lifestyle where they use even MORE energy, but where this creates almost zero CO2.

Today we are in transition.  Yes, of course it would be better if everyone uses much less fossil fuel so they emit much less CO2.  What we want is for World Leaders to take action on behalf of the global community to reduce and remove CO2 in order to keep global warming well below 2C and ideally 1.5C. 

Rather than do nothing about climate change – which is the excuse many people will find convenient – we encourage you to support N0CO2.  Because by donating to N0CO2 you Give Back for the fossil fuel you use, you plant trees which remove your CO2 footprint, you SHOW you care, and you SHOW you want World Leaders to take action to stop climate change.





14 Q. I know air travel burns a lot of fossil fuel, so do I need to stop flying?

A.  Everyone needs to understand the need to reduce their use of fossil fuels.  If you must travel by air, please Give Back for the fossil fuel you use, by donating to N0COto plant trees.

A simple rule of thumb is you create 125 kg of CO2 per person for every hour of flight in Economy.   How many hours is your flight?

Further information about air travel and other ways you can burn less fossil fuel is in our Climate Change Critical Action Plan which is free to download here https://donate.n0co2.org/subscribe

15 Q. Should I try to reduce most of my CO2 emissions?

A. Some people have chosen to set an example by stopping all their air travel, buying an electric car, radically reducing their heating and installing solar panels.  That’s great!  All credit to them.   But for many of us this may not be realistic. 

For the rest of us, we can help stop climate change by these 3 critical actions: to reduce our use of fossil fuels, to Give Back for the fossil fuels we do use, and to reach out and get others involved too.

How many people could you reach out to?  Today most people are concerned about climate change.  If we each get 2-3 friends involved, and they do the same, this can have a huge multiplier effect.  Together we can plant thousands and thousands of trees!

16 Q.  What can I do to REDUCE my COemissions?  

A. Most people can reduce their CO2 emissions by 15-20%.  Download our Critical Action Plan pdf “Stop climate change” to see how you can reduce and remove your CO2 emissions and protect our Plane. You can find it after signing up here: https://donate.n0co2.org/subscribe



17 Q. How Transparent are you about where our donations go?

A.  Being transparent about what we do with your donation is really important to us.  Lack of transparency was one of the reasons some of us did not donate years ago to remove our CO2.   N0CO2 is managed by volunteers and delivered by paid professionals. If you would like to volunteer to help us, please contact us here charlesa@savingourplanet.net.

18 Q. How much of my donation goes to Treeplanting?

A.  For every £1 we receive:

  • 80p goes to planting trees including growing seedlings, weeding the young trees until established, guarding the trees and managing the tree-planting
  • 20p goes to N0COto promote work to help stop climate change, including paying for the website, social media, donation payment charges, admin etc

19 Q. In which countries is my donation Tax deductible?

A. Today, donations are tax deductible in France and other countries in Europe which give tax deductions to charities based in France. 


20 Q. Where can I learn more about Climate Change?  

A. Download our Critical Action Plan “Stop Climate Change” here https://donate.n0co2.org/

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Now you can do something about climate change


Why Action on Climate Change?

Now you can do something about climate change

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