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We help you reduce your CO2 footprint and fight climate change

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No CO2 must be the overriding principle to save our planet from climate change

Why No CO2?

It is critical to reduce our CO2 emissions to no more than what can be absorbed naturally by plants, trees and oceans.

Scientists are very concerned the World is heading for a 4°C global temperature increase. Way above the 2°C limit to global warming which is agreed by world leaders.

We are currently creating way too much CO2. No CO2 is the way forward.

N0CO2 enables you to take action and help fight climate change

To avoid catastrophic climate change, we urgently need to reduce our CO2 emissions in order to protect the future of our children and preserve wildlife.

We will enable you to:

  • Donate to compensate for your CO2 footprint
  • Work together to inform, inspire and involve everyone

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Get involved and help us help everyone by making our planet a greener sustainable environment.

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Our collective future depends upon what we do today

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